Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Westside Marathon 2016

Several years ago, the kids' elementary school began the tradition of running a marathon each year.  The kids use one of their recesses a week (two recesses on early release Wednesday weeks) and run laps at school.  6 laps = 1 mile  They keep track of how many laps they run each "lap day" and work toward accruing enough laps to qualify to run the last mile of their marathon at the end of the school year.  K/1st graders run a half marathon.  They need 12 miles before the last lap day to qualify.  2nd/3rd graders run a 3/4 marathon.  They need 18 miles before last lap day.  4th/5th graders need to run 25 miles before the last lap day.  My girlies all ran more than the required laps to qualify.  I always loved hearing how many laps they were able to run on lap days.  It seemed like the worse the weather, the more laps they ran.  Seems a bit backwards to me, but since we live in Wyoming and the weather is so crazy, maybe that is the best way to have it.  This year the middle school track was unavailable to run on to finish their marathon, so our awesome PE teacher, Mr. Robertson, and our amazing principal, Mrs. Woyak, came up with an ingenious idea to have the route be around the hospital/school neighborhood.  It worked out fantastic!  I didn't get to run with the girls this year because I am an aide in kindergarten, so I needed to "run" with some of the kiddos in the class I work in.  But the girls had fun friends to run with, and they were super speedy.  I love their enthusiasm, their hard work, and their fun, energetic personalities.  Getting to go to work everyday with my girls is such a fun thing! 

Megan - 5th grade, Kenna - 3rd grade, Ashlee - 1st grade
Kenna has a hard time giving me a nice smile in pictures.  This is usually how most of the pictures end up.  Goofy girl!
Megan ran with her bucket pals from 2nd grade.  Ashlee celebrated at the end with her sisters and Kenna's good friend.

The 3 Amigos - It's fun to have one of your best friends be your cousin!  These 3 girls are lots of fun and got to be in the same class this year.  They have a fabulous teacher that knew just how to tame their bubbly, talkative personalities to make sure work got done in the classroom.  (They had squares on the carpet at opposite ends from each other. Haha!)  A marathon was the perfect way to wear them out just a bit.

Apparently, it was a full day of learning, marathon finishing, and playing after school!  I found these 3 sacked out in my bed at 7:30 pm!

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