Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Aidan's 8th Grade Recognition

Aidan will be moving on to high school!  That is a crazy thought!  But it is true!  I had the opportunity to attend his 8th grade recognition lunch.  They presented the Academic Presidential Awards, shared fun memories/thoughts about his class, heard a few words from the high school principal and vice-principal, and watched a fun slide show.  Aidan is very blessed to be part of an amazing class!  They are a very diverse class, but they are so tight-knit.  They look out for each other.  They build each other up.  They cheer for each others' successes.  Almost everyday when I pick Aidan up, the first words out of his mouth are, "What's for dinner?" followed by, "I want to tell you what cool thing so and so did."  He is always eager to brag about his friends' successes before he tells me anything about himself.  The kids he goes to school with are all like that.  They know how to have a lot of fun, but they also know how to work hard.  I love hearing about all their shenanigans.  They are able to joke around with their teachers because their teachers know they will also buckle down and work hard.  I've heard about the 3 on 3 basketball tournament in the hallway in between testing periods (played on their knees - Aidan has scars to prove it).  I just learned about "raisin day" competition.  Group projects are normally my worst nightmare, but not with Aidan's class.  I have loved the group projects that have taken place at our house.  Everyone doing their part and lots of laughter.  I'm not sure Powell Middle School assemblies will ever be the same again after this 8th grade class leaves.  They will for sure not ever be as entertaining!  It is a blessing for Aidan to be part of group driven to excel in everything they do: academics, athletics, drama, music, citizenship, and service.  Aidan is such a fun kid!  He loves to be doing something all the time.  He is driven, energetic, goofy, compassionate, kind, and still tells me he loves me every morning before he leaves for school!  It is hard to not think of him as my "little boy," but he is growing up.  He has actually started growing this year.  He is almost as tall as me!  I'm sure by the time he starts his freshman year, he will have passed me in height.  I'm so proud of all Aidan's hard work.  He most definitely is deserving of the Presidential Academic Award!

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