Sunday, August 8, 2010

Blue and Gold

(Feb. 16, 2010) No! I am not talking about the Cody Bronc school colors although Andy might like that if I did, but Blue and Gold Banquet for Cub Scouts. Aidan was lucky that his first day of Cub Scouts was also on his birthday and it was the Blue and Gold Banquet. The boys were supposed to make a cake and decorate it with their dads - absolutely NO mom help!! Andy and the boys decided that since it was the thick of basketball season and they all absolutely love basketball, it would only be appropriate to make a basketball cake. It was fun to watch them bring their ideas together.

Where is the picture of the finished cake you ask? I have absolutely no idea!! I was pretty sure I took a picture, but I cannot find one anywhere. But you can see that is was a half court basketball cake and if you look close you can see the little nerf basketball hoop sititng on the counter - that went at the edge of the cake. It turned out wonderful!! And I think the boys and Andy had fun doing it together. (I know I was very grateful that Mom didn't "get" to help!!)

Aidan enjoying his first day of Cub Scouts!

Megan's lovely tongue! There were many creative cakes and obviously someone used some yummy blue frosting!!

There are no more pics from the night because I slipped out partway through and went to my little brother Justin's basketball game. I think I took Ashlee at least and maybe Kenna, but Andy still had his hands full and I was grateful to at least have a few pics from him.

8 Already?

Feb. 16 ,2010 - It can't possibly have been 8 years already since Aidan made a very quick entrance into this world (and he hasn't slowed down since)!! Aidan adds so much laughter and joy to our family. He is our frog boy, do any kind of sport boy, which hand am I going to use for what boy (he writes right handed, plays sports left handed with a few exceptions like using both hands in tennis - he doesn't have a back hand only a forehand), and our little comedian with a temper that only occassionally comes out. He absolutely loves babies and asks for a baby brother all the time (which I have to sadly tell him he will never get). He is very social and thinks the more kids around him the better. He loves to laugh and is good at cheering his little sisters up when they wake up crabby. He might be little but he doesn't know it!!
After school his brother and sisters surprised him with with the gifts they had bought him. I love that my kids get so excited to shop for each other. They are always thinking of others and that makes me happy!

(Notice the beautiful flowers?! They were a wonderful surprise from a very dear friend that sensed I needed a lift one day!! Thanks, Cammy!!)

My 5 beautiful children on Aidan's 8th birthday!

Birthday treats for school!! This is just a small glimpse into Aidan's personality - anything and everything sporty!! I love you, Aidan!! Can't wait to post pics from your baptism day!!