Friday, May 28, 2010

Where in the world...

has time gone? Has it really been since Feb. 24th that I last posted? I have had good intentions but have just let time slip away from me. And SOOOO MUCH has happened since then. Aidan turned 8 on Feb. 16th and was baptized. Aaron turned 10 on March 4th. Kenna turned 3 on April 4th. Andy turned 34 on April 10th. We had a fun trip to Utah over Easter cause all Kenna wanted for her birthday was to go to college. So, off to college we went so she could celebrate her birthday at BYU with Aunt Darcee. We had a FABULOUS time and had the most wonderful hosts, Andy's sister Edie and her husband Jacob and all their critters. I am sure glad they all survived our chaotic bunch. We got to visit Grandma Enid who turned 96 right before we went to Utah. We got to have tons of fun with Aunt Amy, Uncle Ernie, cousins Ryan, Jessica, Spencer, Paul and Rachel, Aunt Juleen, Aunt Sara (what a fun surprise!!), Aunt Edie, Uncle Jacob, and Aunt Darcee!! It was a fun-filled weekend and I can't wait to post pictures. My problem with posting has been that a lot of pictures have been on Andy's camera and I haven't been able to get them on our home computer. So thankfully Andy downloaded them to his laptop and saved them on a flashdrive for me. So now I have no excuse (except the craziness of 5 kids, which after almost 18 months I still am not good at all the things I used to be good at). Let's see...we have also had basketball, soccer, wrestling, preschool graduation, marathon, having our house on the market to sell (we hope to build) and lots of other craziness that has slipped my mind at the moment. I also got released from teaching Gospel Doctrine and am now the Relief Society meeting coordinator (aka Enrichment leader). I am thoroughly enjoying my new calling but do really miss my preparation for my lessons. I am trying really hard to still pretend I have to teach each week, but it is so much easier to let it slip and just do the minimum. I MUST do better!!

Now that school has ended I am excited to try out a few our new "plans." For FHE we had each of the kids give us their goals of things they wanted to accomplish this summer and we also set family goals. Andy also had the fabulous idea of "Mission Impossible" for the kiddos. We have Agent 00AA, 00AID, OOME, and OOK along with "the secretary" also known as OOROSIE (the enforcer of the "no telling your mission" rule - she is armed and dangerous (with a nerf gun that she can't shoot without help)). These things along with the soon to be crazy summer academy and rec activities schedule, there is no excuse for the words "I'm bored!!" in our house. This will require cooperation and teamwork from all of us and should make for a FUN FUN summer!! In preparation for our next RS meeting, we have been preparing a Summer Survival 101 Guide and I think it has been more for me than the sisters we will be giving it too. I am armed with other fun ideas and looking forward to building wonderful memories with my children and amazing husband!! I am so blessed to be a wife and mother to 5 wonderful, energetic children!