Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ahhh....Life is Good!

Is the house clean? NOPE!! Is dinner started? NOPE!! Do I feel very good? NOT THE BEST!! (but it could be so much worse) Is laundry started? YEP!! Are the kiddos happy? YEP!! 1 is taking a nap and getting a reprieve from having her nose wiped. (Yes, she has the same crud I have.) 1 is playing downstairs with her cousin. I love the sound of two little girls playing Barbies. 1 is at one of her good buddies houses playing. And after she left I found a sweet paper on the table next to me that she left. She had divided it into 4 sections and in each section had written something very nice about each of her siblings. Makes me smile!! I am so glad my kiddos love each other. Do they fight? Occassionally, they are kids of course. But they really do stick up for each other and love to do nice things for each other. 1 is at Grandpa and Grandma's house playing with his (younger) uncle. I love that they are good buddies. And the last 1 is outside playing basketball with several neighborhood kids. It is the normal after school game in our driveway. I love that I can know what is going on but my kiddos are happy and active. I am thankful that Heavenly Father showed me through interesting trials that it is much more important to have happy kids and to create a home that is inviting to not only my children but other children than to have it spotless all the time. I used to never let my kids have friends over unless the house was clean first. Well, if that was still the case they would never have friends over cause with 5 kiddos it is never clean. I guess not never, just never for long periods of YEP! I love technology! He is an hour away, but we can still communicate and let each other know we are thinking about the other. Did I talk to a good friend today? YEP!! Did I text with a good friend today? YEP!! Did I talk to my sisters or brothers today? NO and YES! I said hello to 2 of my little brothers and smiled as I watched car after car pull up at my parent's house as more and more kids joined the basketball game in my parent's driveway. I didn't talk to my other 3 siblings but I hope they know I think about them everyday!!

I have so much to be grateful for. I am married to my best friend and love of my life that is a hard-worker and honors his priesthood. He is always making sure that the kids and I are happy, even at his own sacrifice. I have a home that provides shelter from the outside world and weather. I have a new calling working with the young women in our ward. What a blessing these beautiful young women are, and it gives me a chance to reflect on the things I need to be doing to improve my life as I try to find ways to motivate them to do their Personal Progress (or realize that they are already doing so many things).

Yes, life is good! The sun is shining. The weather is a little bit warmer. Spring will come...eventually...right?