Thursday, June 23, 2011

When life hands you lemons...

or pinecones, why not practice golf!! We had a big windstorm come up while we were working outside, and it blew pinecones from a neighbor down the street's yard or garbage can, into our neighbor's and our yard. We were out talking with our neighbors when Aidan and our neighbor had a good idea of how to get rid of all the pinecones in our yards. Why not practicing golfing!! Aidan just finished his golf class this morning and was excited to practice some more. He had so much fun hitting pinecones out into the street!! I love my active little (okay not so little) boy!

My Dolly

My sweet Dolly brings so much joy to our home!! Being 6 brings so many new changes to a little girl - ending her first year of school, finding new independence, becoming so much more self-reliant at home, losing teeth, and not being so much of a "little" girl anymore. Meg is my right-hand man!! She is a little mother in training. She loves to help out. She loves to fix her own hair. She is so quick to clean up messes even if she didn't make them. She loves to ride her bike places and wishes I would let her ride alone. She loves to read books and thinks it is so fun to read chapter books. She has started piano lessons (from Mom) and is moving along so fast. She is doing most of it self-teaching. I am so blessed to be able to Meg's mom!!

The anticipation!!!
Dad takes a try at one of the teeth...
Meg takes a try...
End result...No more front teeth!!
And now new specs to go along with no front teeth!! Meg only has to wear her glasses to read or when she is in the classroom...for now. She has an astigmatism that is quite bad. We are hoping this solves her constant headache problem. Unfortunately, we didn't discover this until the last week of school. It seems to have solved the problem so far, but she hasn't really had a lot of opportunities for a ton of focusing since summer has come!