Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pumpkin Carving

The kids always look forward to the Monday before Halloween cause that means the annual pumpkin carving FHE. I got smart this year though and started without Andy cause if we wait for him to get home, then eat, and then start, it makes for a very late night! So we had our chicken noodle soup and started "gutting" our pumpkins. We had tons of fun and were so excited when Daddy got home to join us. And this year we put the pumpkins on the side deck and none of them were stolen. I figured someone would have to be very brave to walk up the deck steps and get hit with the motion detector light.

Pre-carving - I love my crazy kiddos!!

Bunch of goofballs!

I actually turned him loose to do everything himself this year! YIKES!! It was slightly scary sometimes (as you can see with the knife in the picture), but he did a wonderful job!

Aidan was pretty independent this year too. He didn't require a lot of help. He and Aaron worked together a lot on both their pumpkins.

What a face! Meg has this wonderful, fun, spunky attitude as you can see from this picture. She was determined to do the gutting all herself. She is very independent and doesn't like to be told she can't do something (I don't know where she gets that from!).

Our little cheeseball!! Kennie keeps us laughing with her made-up stories and songs.

Ash is getting big enough to really enjoy all the fun! The only problem is she thinks she can do anything the big kids can do. I gave her some foam stickers and a marker to decorate with until Daddy got home to help. I couldn't tackle all 5 kids by myself.

Daddy to the rescue!! Ash was so excited to get to finally carve her pumpkin. And getting to do it with Daddy was the icing on the cake!!


We Survived...

another Halloween!! I am such a party pooper when it comes to Halloween. I find it a useless waste of money on costumes and candy. What is really the point of Halloween? My kids play dress up all the time at home. We don't need a day that they get to go out in public dressed up. BUT...I try to at least make it kind of fun for the kiddos. We did carve pumpkins for FHE cause I remembering loving to carve pumpkins as a kid. (Those pics will come in a later post.) I do try and accomodate their requests for costumes (within reason). I do go to all their parties at school. I do take them to the trunk-or-treat at the church. And this year we spiced it up by attending a party, which totally made Halloween fun!! (Party pics to come in a separate post.) I don't have a pic of Aaron in his costume (which was sooo easy) cause my camera battery died at the school and then we picked him up on our way to the church cause he was at a pool party while we went to grandparents' houses so he wasn't in those pics. Then he and Aidan and Megan ran off on their own for trunk or treating so I didn't catch him then. I did take a pic of him at school with a friend's camera so I can add it when I get it from her. Kennie really enjoyed all the parties at the school. She enjoyed class hopping with each sibling but ended up eating in Aaron's class cause that was the one we provided food for the party. Our little monster aka Ashlee was home taking a nap (since Andy was home sick) so I didn't have to tackle her around all the sugar! So Friday we did school parties and then went to our ward harvest dinner. Saturday we slept in, got a little work done around the house and yard, visited grandparents, did trunk-or-treat, and then spent the evening at a fun party in Burlington hosted by the Gourmleys. Halloween 2010 is done and over with!! Hurray!! (and the kids are already planning for next year...SIGH!!)

Ashlee all cutified in her Halloween shirt and Halloween bow with her crazy curls!

Meg's spider web hair.

Aaron decided to combine a few different pieces of costumes on the way to Burlington - his mask from last year, Kennie's witch's hat, and his Percy Jackson costume.

Alien Aidan and the cutest witch ever Kennie (even though she said she was the wicked witch from Wizard of Oz - she was too cute to be wicked).

Meg the elephant

My little witch and zebra

Look at that innocent face - well not so innocent as she next started digging into her bucket for candy and anything to make a mess!

Aidan said it looked like Ash swallowed a tutu!

Loving trunk-or-treating! Ash really got it this year and made sure no one forgot her little bucket! They both walked the whole time.

4 of my 5 monsters!