Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Kennie's Clogging Debut


Kennie and her good friend Nyah waiting in the studio before the performance.

Two adorable girls!

My two clogging beauties!!

I had to do Kennie's hair at 8:45 am since I was leaving to take Meg to her 2 clogging performances in Cody and wouldn't be back until right before the 2:00 pm performance in Powell. Kennie was going to be going to Aaron's basketball games with Andy and I wanted it basically done before I left.
Pretty curls!  I knew it would probably get a little ruined during the time I was gone, but I was pleasantly surprised that it didn't require more than just a little touch up.  This little girl is so blessed with beautiful natural highlights.  They are kind of hard to see since this was with my phone camera.
Kennie has been WAITING and WAITING for her turn to start clogging.  She finally got to start Tiny Tots in November and has loved every minute of it.  She has been watching Megan for the last year and following her around copying what she does.  She couldn't wait to get to wear a fun costume and get all dolled up to perform.  Her chance came on Saturday at Country Christmas in downtown Powell.  It was super crowded and pretty warm in the building but she did great!  She was nervous, but it didn't show when she performed.  She smiled the whole time and didn't have to watch her teachers very much.  It will be fun to watch her continue to improve if she decides clogging is what she wants to do.  She got to be in the class with her good friend Nyah Johnson, so that made it even better!  (My video wouldn't load, so I will have to try again tomorrow.)