Thursday, April 17, 2014

Gymnastics Programs

March 25, 2014

The girls absolutely LOVE gymnastics!  The begged and pleaded for me to let them do the winter session.  It was a hard decision because they all three do clogging also and would make Tuesday evenings long and crazy, but I caved.  I am not good at telling my kiddos no when it comes to the things they love.  Well, we made it through the winter session, and they had their final program.  Here are the pics I took of the program.  I am not a good photographer and especially when it comes to moving little girls, but we have proof that they performed well.

Ashlee Rose - age 5
Beginner Class (5:30-6:25 pm class)

Kenna Marie - age 6
Advanced Class (6:30-7:25 pm class)

Megan Almira age - 9
Advanced class (6:30-7:25 pm class)

My Beautiful Girls!!!!

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